Monday, June 24, 2024

Remote Temperature Monitoring and Data Collection

LINKED2 services gather temperature and energy data from any web-connected location on the planet.

We design, install and support everything you need to monitor your site's temperature and energy levels. Our Cloud Services store your data for historical analysis and trending so that you can most accurately manage your energy conservation.  Cloud Service Available for Beta Testing in Q2-2015 - See also V2.0 Support Dashboard that runs on PCs.


Looking for Simple and Low Cost Remote Temperature Monitoring?


LINKED2 has partnered with ControlbyWeb to produce a very simple and cost effective way to monitor (with alarms) unlimited numbers of Remote Temperature Sensors using our Monitoring Dashboard. Just plug in power, a sensor, and the internet and you are ready to send real-time continuous sensor stats to your Dashboard (in Q2 you can send data to the cloud service and view it on your monitoring page on Configure emails to alert you when thresholds are exceeded.







To bring this technology we partnered with these companies