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L2 Support Team Dashboard (Lite)

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The Support Team Dashboard is the premier solution for monitoring critical customer equipment by your Support Team - Even behind a Firewall.

“ We were behind on a large event space project out of town. We configured the Crestron Controller to Link with our Dashboard and completed the project remotely. The customer was thrilled that we gave such incredible service.”- RT, New Orleans

Always know the status of  gear (and many other hardware brands), Rack/Room Temperatures and Energy usage. Now you can remotely diagnose AV issues just like  you were on-site. New features added continuously and automatically upgraded to your desktop.


Major Features:         

-Full Toolbox Support across firewalls.

-Remote Access to Equipment - Out of town support calls are in the past.

-Remote Crestron Diagnostics and Control through firewalls.

-Energy & Temperature Monitoring of Rooms, Floors and Buildings (i.e. AV Racks, Credenzas). 

-DMX-512 Support for Enttec USB-DMX converters. Perfect for RGB LEDs in Buildings.

 "We are our own customer too! Our Lighting Integration Division connects every system we install to our Dashboard. We can upgrade systems to newer software anytime, and Always know before our Customers when there are system problems. We typically have 30-40 active systems connected at any time." - Linked2 Support


Dashboard Data Sheet (PDF)

Dashboard Versions:

Dashboard Lite

Dashboard Pro

Dashboard Enterprise (Q1-2015)

 (see comparison matrix below)


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Dashboard Here

 Benefits Include:                       

  • Scheduled Events now allow year round Lighting Control.
  • DMX control of RGB LED lamps, including Scheduling.
  • TSW-Series Touch Panel support behind firewalls
  • Real-time Status of customer systems behind firewalls
  • Email alerts of failed devices               
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • New Service Revenues
  • Closer relationship with high value customers
  • Remote Control of Equipment and tracking of environment.
  • Support Desk’s Best Friend
  • Branding for Resell
  • Advertise direct to customers 

Dashboard Lite Recommendations

  • 40 or fewer connected systems
  • 2 Active Toolbox Sessions
  • 60 days recorded Data
  • Win7/8 - 8G RAM
  • Intel i3 or better CPU
  • Public IP Address





 Supports equipment from: Crestron, ControlbyWeb & Linked2 (VTC and DSP comming soon)

"Never leave a job site again without Linking the equipment to your L2 Support Team Dashboard"

New Features available soon:

  1. Polycom DSP Monitoring and Diagnostics
  2. VTC Remote Monitoring and Control
  3. Spinetix Digital Signage Support



  • Up-time status of all devices
  • DMX-512 Support
  • Email alerts of failed devices
  • Monitor remote sensors
  • Link to energy monitors
  • Control remote relays & I/O
  • Access equipment through firewalls
  • Ideal for Help Desks with 24x7 support




Temperature Charts



Compatible with;

  • Control by Web X-300 Internet Temperature Sensor and Relay Module. 
  • Crestron Temperature Sensors using SimplWindows Module.


  • Global Cache' iTach Flex Relay and IO Sensors (Q1-2014)

Energy Usage Charts


Compatible with;

  • Crestron EM-MCU Energy Sensors                

Dashboard Pro Pricing

Devices Monitored   Yearly Fee
 8  $1999
 16  $2499
 32  $4999
 100  $7999

Multi-Product Discount

2-5 Units                            30%

6-10                                   40%

11-20                                 45%





 Dashboard Version Comparison Matrix



   Lite Pro Enterprise
Toolbox Sessions 2 10 unlimited
Data Storage
  • Local PC  
  • 30 days of Data
  • Local SQL Server
  • Cloud SQL Server
  • Local PC
Cloud SQL Server
 Device Selection  
  • Connection List
  • Tree List
  • Tree Watch List
  • Watch List
  • Connection List
  • Tree List
  • Connection List
Device Connections up to 100 up to 1000 unlimited
Rebranding Limited Limited Limited
e-mail Failure Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Text Message Alerts  via email  via email Yes
Alert Triggered Events  no  Q2-2015 Yes
Database Chart Storage   Q2-2015 Yes
Web Installation Yes Yes  No Installation required - Web App.
Requires Internet Access

Can be used in closed network,

but must get Internet every 30 days

or will Limit device connections to 2.

 Yes Yes